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On The Road In Lincoln City Oregon

by Ed White in Ed's Journal
We are headed into the third week of our road trip.  I was totally captivated by the beauty of the Pacific North West.  Most of our time was spent along the shores of the Columbia River.  We soaked up the sounds of barges, tugs, wild life and trains… I managed to capture some interesting moments on canvas. 
I would have have never imagined so many shades of green! Amazing what over 100 inches of rain will do. We have fallen in love with this magnificent environment.  I will be dividing my creative art time with So Cal and its fantastic light and the North coast of the Pacific..
My art journey continues … just a few more turns… more oceans, rivers, boats, and trains…mountains and trees! This week Lincoln City and New Port will get me rolling !!!
The magic of the pounding waves and the sights and sounds of the harbor …throw in a couple light houses and away we go…
Have a beautiful week!!!