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by Ed White in Art inspired Poetry

Huddle Up Boys!

A picture of what once was …not long ago enough!

My Old Friends are now embracing the Great Mystery together. ‘Bull Moose’ is leading the sweep, as the ‘The Munce’ picks up speed! Coach is on the sideline with a big smile that says with a slight lisp ….OH HELL GUYS!!!

The Old Yogi whispers in the wind about the journey to the Great Mystery. Enlightened lives must prepare for the transition… ultimately a face to face with God, Indefinitely existing in his presence.

Like packing for a trip, the preparation is essential….It starts with becoming Grateful. We must be Grateful to receive Grace.

… and like all good performances it takes practice.. it is essential we work to quiet the overpowering noise that exists outside the soul.

Forgiveness and forgiving… leaving with all our negative thoughts to rest. A physical, mental and emotional purification process that allows one to let go of all attachment, allows us to move from physical to spiritual.

We can now experience the singular feeling of our soul as we prepare to live in God’s presence. We become Spirit conscious.

I close my eyes and I feel the presence of my teammates and my coach just around the corner…wanting me to lineup for the next play.

I’ll be right there fellas…

Blue 95, Blue 95…Hut, Hut, Hut

Ed White