9"x12" Vine charcoal on Arches Paper

Not for sale

Description of A Cold Grey Night At The Met…with my Pals

Owner Bob Stein

Night game on a cold November night at the Met!

Aortic Valve a Replacement triggered this poem that reminded me of the operating room.


Wake Me Now

Numbness engulfs me as I reside on the edge of the other side.

I feel the magnetic pull of something I can not perceive.

I am in the quiet warmth of a forbidden womb, or is his just another dream?

Things so familiar are cloudy, I am unable to reach the light that would bring hope.

I lay silently in frustration, waiting for the vail that separates me from reality will lift.

Now…I wake with a new Aortic Valve.

EW 09/08/19