24"x36" acrylic on canvas, unframed
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Description of A Dark Day

Series…A Guarded Journey 


A Dark Day…Final  Act

I knew the day would come when my legs would no longer carry me to the goal line. Too many shots to my body over the 30 years of this contact sport called football.

This is the path I choose in life. A path that rewarded me, my family and friends far beyond my wildest dreams… and now the crippled warrior stands before family, piers, coaches and press officially announcing the final chapter.  My heart was heavy as a lifetime of what I loved most comes to an end. As the lights dimmed invisible tears poured from my heart.

My running back Lionel ‘Little Train’ James was there to soften the blow. No doubt the most amazing player pound for pound I ever played with. Having Little Train share that moment was very special to me.

At 40 years old I could not imagine an existence without football. The empty void still exists and I will take that feeling of emptiness into the foreverness.

EW 07-27-19