72"x144" Acrylic on Canvas, unframed


Description of A Palouse Sky…A Trytpic Painting 12’ x 6’

A Palouse Sky…A Trytpic Painting for Ed and Connie White…This piece is about heaven and mysteries it holds.


My mind soars in the winter’s turbulent sky…

as the raging winds of the Pacific sweep across Washington  State’s incredible landscape.

The winter sunset’s late afternoon highlights fill the moment with many rainbows. The colorful spirits dance amongst the clouds on this beautiful day.

A land that was once parched by fire has found new life, new spirit.

An image of the resurrection fades in the mountain’s.    shadows. The great spirit ascends upward.

Heaven is the Great Mystery…let us escape in this enchanting moment.

Artist Thoughts…Ed White 2-18-21