9.00"x12.00" Pen and Ink, unframed


Description of Battle Royal

Protecting Uncle Joe

September 1969

On an overcast Sunday afternoon My 17 year NFL career started against Americas Team…The Dallas Cowboys.

The responsibility I had that day was to protect mi amigo , Joe Kapp…
On this day I would be across from All Pro Bob Lily!

I had a sleepless night , re playing all the prior weeks film …
He was no doubt the best D lineman in pro ball!
The sleepless night ended with the Pregame meal.

That day Bob was quick as a cat, strong as an ox and smart as a whip!
It seemed as though he knew where the ball was going before the ball was snapped !

We started the season with a win and went on to win the NFL Title…

What a start!

EW 10-22-18