12.00"x9.00" Acrylic on watercolor paper, unframed
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Description of Green Comet and the Snow Moon in a Favist Forest

Green comet and snow moon


I stumbled upon these bones lying quietly on the floor of the desert.

Years later I find them screaming at me from my desk!

Like a piece of sheet music frozen in time. I see the physical evidence of a once dominant desert creature floating in a timeless void.

As I get ready to head to the super Bowl, I think back on how the cycle spins.

Now, I watch in disbelief as the once most elite athletes in the world scuffle past.

Slowly and methodically the dinosaurs are headed for the bone yard.

Suddenly, I realize I am part of this parade…

This is my summation of last nights event…but it was great rubbing against the old boys.

Joe Green and I spent a lot of time together. He said he played behind me at the East West Shrine game… he never could figure why they played me on offense..: I said Purple People Eaters.,. He said now he knows..:

Pretty cool