24.00"x18.00" Acrylic on watercolor paper, unframed
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Description of Spirit Journey

Spirit moves in all things…


The day wore a smile,
The sea so blue…
Don’t take me off this cloud.
This amazing ride spins a story.

The grains of sand from sources beyond belief.
Representing four directions,
Finding themselves in an unexplainable familiarity .
Asking each other questions when the answers are no where to be found.

The Bear melds into this familiar place.
Like the grain of sand he looks around his lodge,
Warm energy comes from every direction…

From the North, White Buffalo Woman…riding the Great North Spirit Winds…La Loba , She Wolf her messenger .
All my relations in the South… Always by my side on this journey of enfinity…Moms, the Deer quietly carries the word…
TheSun Rises and starts each morning in the East, everyday has its own face….and, The Fox makes his plan for the new day…
The perpetual waves in the West breaking on the shore..today cleansed The Bears heart.

The day wore a smile.


Ed White

Art work…

1/ Four Directions
2/ Three Feathers