24.00"x18.00" Acrylic on Paper, unframed
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Description of The Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

I sense the morning freshness, and hear the animals gently awakening…
The warmth of the new Sun is embracing my heart…..

…but wait there is a somewhat unexpected diagnosis sending my thoughts in multiple directions.

Darkness throws a vail of blindness over our thinking…Part of my world has been extracted..and is lost for an eternity.

Spinning in this dark universe of thought the dynamics of fairness are in question.

The Bolts of Lightning in the sky dimly highlight my emptiness…in a forever black day!

This is the morning that the sun did not shine. This is the morning of the Black Sunrise.

As the fabric of what should be unravels, my spirit brightens my path home!

EW 10-10-18