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Art Matters… Art Matters!!!

by Ed White in Ed's Journal

Art Matters…

Art Matters!!!

As I remember back on my college art history classes at Berkeley, and having walked through a few of Holy Grail Of Art vaults…such as …The Vatican in Rome , Uffizi in Florence , Metropolitan Art Museum In New York, and the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, I certainly respect the skills of these old master artist… Their detail, precision, use of color and scale are magnificent!

As I have aged in art..what I have come to appreciate even more is the fresh imagination of an artist.

Please forgive me but now…I would much rather spend an afternoon looking at creative paintings on the side of a building in San Francisco, Honolulu, LA or NY or on the side of a train in Portland than looking at old dark paintings…

As an Artist I want to strive to to develop the skills of the masters, but continue to nurture the imagination of the future …mixing this with the stories of my life’s journey is my goal… 

To record this in a masterful, creative and colorful way, combined with poetic thought, is my goal.  Art Matters…Art Matters!