If you choose, a % of your purchase will be donated to The Oak Lake Art Center- a private non-profit that teaches art...IF YOU SEE A PIECE YOU LIKE, CONTACT ME...12x9 $250-$450......24x18 range $750-$950

Art inspired Poetry

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 Huddle Up Boys! A picture of what once was …not long ago enough! My Old Friends are now embracing the Great Mystery together. ‘Bull Moose’ is leading the sweep, as the ‘The Munce’ picks up speed! Coach is on the sideline with a big smile that says with a slight lisp ….OH HELL GUYS!!!… read more

‘LONG SHADOWS’ … A Night At The Ranch

  Long Shadow…A Night at the Ranch Santa Ana’s late winters winds sweep across the desert floor.  The long shadows lengthen and darken across the San Felipe Valley, a landscape that seemingly has been lost in time. We can hear the faint call of the 200 year old Kumeyaay’s drums. They fill the valley’s void… read more