12.00"x9.00" acrylic on Arches Paper, unframed
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Description of 07-11-18 KQ with Maori Kids


Oak Lake Art Center is committed to continuing what our founder David Stone started over 20 years ago. David was a pioneer in education on The Mountain. As we move into the future, OLAC reconfigures in order to better meet the needs of our youth. It is still centered. around what David was concerned about…the education of our youth in creative ways.

Path of Three Feathers is a mentoring and leadership program brought to you by OLAC, a 501c3 a non-profit organization operating out of Julian, California.

The Oak Lake Art Center has moved from our early westward migration concept, to an art drawing and painting program. Now our focus is to create an art based program that shares life skills with young people while enlightening them to the use of the computer as an art tool.

Student from New Zealand in Julian