7"x5" Acrylic on Arches Paper
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Description of A DREAM ENCOUNTER

Dream Encounter

I dreamed I was walking down a space lit by florescent lite.

A stranger asks for directions. There was something familiar about this voice…it brought me back to my childhood.

I gave him the directions… he smiled and said ‘GOD BLESS YOU MY SON’, and said good bye …but I couldn’t help but notice he had this sad look in his baby blue eyes.

As he walked away I saw the worn fabric of his clothes. I have often wondered since if he even had a place to go.

As he walked off I thought… what is it about this soul that was put him in my path ?
Was it that subtle grin on his face, or that smile and soft laugh? He seemed very kind but I felt he was sad …then it hit me …that was ,my DAD.