9.00"x12.00" Acrylic on Arches, unframed
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Description of Butterfly’s Last Dance

End of Spring

The Butterflies’ Last Dance ‘

The grey day moved…when a light summer breeze heads my way…

Dancing in perfect harmony, the two butterflies become one…

Neon flashes light into a space…that was once void of color…

The explanation points of bright lights are strangely haunting! The dance slows and the end seems near…


QSuch a lovely picture ! and A 

1/ A butterfly has so much significance…transformation, hope, new perspective.. What does this painting mean to you?

All those things and perhaps additionally a glimpse of how beautiful life is, but how very short this lovely ride can be.

2/ How did you first begin to paint this? Did you see a butterfly ?

No….I see shapes and spaces, movement and then color last. Color is the cake frosting but the bones are the drawing the design and the values. When the work begins t meld together I feel an energy that defines the work.

In this case the transition of something as magnificent as a butterfly to 
dried wings on the ground. 

3/ Does the painting or the poem come first?

I try and paint in a zone of unconscious awareness… It starts with drawing, design, values, shape, and their relationships. How the eye of the viewer moves through the work , and lastly color .

Then as I think about what the art statement says …I develop a verbal statement that expresses and compliments the art. 

I think the label….ie, title and thought are significant to the painting. It sets the table for the mind to begin to emotionally digest the work.

Bona Petite