18.00"x24.00" Acrylic on arches paper, unframed
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Description of Confused Landscape

Brain Damage Series


It was my rookie year and we were playing in Atlanta Georgia,
the bitter cold and freezing rain made my bones quiver!

The Wedge on our Viking kickoff return team was maned by myself and a friend. We take on the opponents known as wedge breakers, these are mad men who have no regard for anyone’s health, including their own…

On this exceptionally freezing cold and dark Sunday afternoon the wedge breakers were a particularly deranged group of Falcons …

After the opening kickoff I remember only the stadium lights spinning in a circle and standing semiconscious in the huddle. As I began to awaken from this cloudy space I heard the firmiliar voices of my teammates. I was being asked if I were all right?
I thought I was….of course I knew I was not. I was in an incredible brain wreck!

One of many in the life of this warrior!

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