12.00"x9.00" Acrylic on watercolor paper, unframed
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Description of Full Moon Waltz


Sometimes the Moon is so bright the energy moves thru my bones…
It feels like connects everything it touches.

Florescent beams shinning off the old Juniper electrically amplifies it.
It moves from tree to tree and it begins to create a centergy of light.

The Arc of moon light speaks to all the living things. The animals are out and in communication…

My favorite time to walk out into the forest and strike up conversation.

The entire experience becomes a Full Moon Waltz

Colorful, abstract-like Native American dancerDream Dancer

The desert sunsets lay their orange hands across this vast land,
as the songbird’s shrill cuts through this colorful display.

The soft breeze adds a splash of
movement to this otherwise still environment.

Quietly The Dream Dancer moves across the horizon.