36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas, unframed
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Description of Ghost Dance, Act I

Series…A Guarded Journey

Ghost Story Act I

I had no idea that this would be the first start of a 241 game, 17 year NFL career.

It was 1969 my first NFL game, it  was the season opener verses the Dallas Cowboys. Across from me that grey day was Mr. Bob Lilly, the creme d’la creme of D linemen.

The Viking QB was A Cal Bear legend…Joe Kapp. Joe was a fearless competitor and the man that led us to the Super Bowl this same season.

The restless night had me playing every down in my mind. Bob was so instinctive and intelligent he knew exactly where the ball was going before the snap. Your body lean, the weight change on your hand, a change in your weight distribution of your stance , or the movement in your eyes. At the snap he was always headed for the ball.

Protecting Joe was my only thought for 60 minutes.

We won the game and went on to win the first four on our way to the 1969 Super Bowl!!!