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The sun is playing hide and seek…as this beautiful white cloud carves out a seemingly familiar shape in the perfect cerulean sky.

…I see The Great Warrior with the red tear in his eye moving across the horizon. He looks down on a land that has served us all so very well. A  loud crash of lighting and thunder expresses how unhappy he is with what he sees.

Grandfathers Tears have turned the world red.

As stewards of our home we have lacked sensitivity towards Mother Earth. Look around at the scars that we leave behind. It is sometimes easy to look over our transgressions and only see the positive of personal gains.

…We leave radioactive materials buried in the ground. Poisoned the water we drink and the air we breathe. Our oceans have become dumps for chemicals and sewage.

I am beginning to think that the human mantra is …it is easier to let the next generation deal with this mess .

Our view of the transformation unfortunately seems to be connected to how we view our personal success…it is rationalized by…what does the bottom line look like, is the stock market up or down, how is my 401k…. and are we keeping up with the Joneses…

In the meantime, people in Southern California can’t get in the water because raw sewage from the Tijuana River pours into the Pacific Ocean…while 50 miles to the north an abandoned nuclear power plant sits on pounds of radioactive waste. Manufacturing plants are polluting our underground water supplies across the nation.

We must hear the beat of this Warrior’s Drum… we must see the scar of what our humanity leaves behind. The wiseman warns us to open our eyes, our hearts and our minds. We must all begin to make a difference in how we personally affect this eroding process.

It takes an open mind to honestly look at how our consumption mars the Earth.  We must open our eyes and see how our individual foot print affect the big picture. Hopefully our vision will begin to clarify.

The big change will start with the smallest commitment.

EW 03-12-21

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