9.00"x12.00" Acrylic on Arches Paper, unframed



Of my Vikings….
The Ship Sails Again.

I always felt we were powered by the Nordic Spirits of the Great Viking Explorers…whose ancestors once inhabited the cold Minnesota tundra.

This modern gang of Vikings was a bad guy group of hombres. Every bit as feared as their ancient brothers.ojuk

Our offense was lead by a tough Mexican who went by the name of Joe Kapp…l
rugged as leather with breath as strong as tequila. His choice of footwear was huaraches, even in the coldest of winter. Jose would go toe-to-toe with any Viking…any time.

The defense was known as the Purple People Eaters…feared by every offense they faced. Each Viking unit made the other better. We were brothers on and off the frozen turf.

Bud Grant was our General. A quiet stoic man. We believed in Bud and trusted his leadership. He navigated our Vikking vessel through many a successful season.

The I would go to battle today with my band of Purple Warriors…into foreverness! Mil

TheWe will sail again…Skol Boys!!!

Mike Malano Owner