12.00"x9.00" Acrylic on Arches, unframed
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Description of Two Brothers

Morro Bay

Richard Beck

Acrylic on paper


The fish are cleaned and the decks washed and ready for another day of work.
It seems like a pattern that never breaks!

Quickly the deck hands are in the pub hoisting draft beers, celebrating their catch.
There is only a few hours to get some rest and back on board.

In a deep authoritative voice the boss says…last round. The boys drink up and hit
the bricks.

Back on board before sunrise. They set up and head out to the fuel barge for the
diesel fuel to feed the hungry twin engines.

Now we head towards the rising sun and the fishing grounds. The fish have been
hitting on the edge of the shelf…the ride today will be a little longer, but could be
A significantly larger catch.

Always hopeful we head west!