7.00"x5.00" Acrylic on Arches Paper, unframed

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Description of DAD, 17 YEAR OLD WW II HERO…RIP

My 17 year old WWII HERO…RIP DAD

June 6, 1944, it was a cold wet night in Normandy …

My dad worked the engine room of the first LST ever commissioned.

The black sky was light up with artillery fire as the landing crafts worked their way to the beachhead .

German bombers attacked the oncoming American fleet all night long. Our soldiers manned the guns and slowed down their air assault . We began to take the fight from the sea to the shores of Normandy.

It’s hard to imagine how mentally difficult it must have been for a young sailor,
who just six months earlier at 16, passed his driver’s test.

In the end, 4,414 soldiers gave their lives on those bloody shores.

Our prayers continue go out to the young men who fought for our freedom. Now, all of you soldiers, can rest together in peace…as can we!


EW 11-05-18