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Fall in Portland

The Pacific North West in Fall .. Nothing is more beautiful… read more.

Art Matters... Art Matters!!!

Art Matters... Art Matters!!! As I remember back on my college art history classes at Berkeley, and having walked through a few of Holy Grail Of Art vaults...such as ...The Vatican in Rome , Uffizi in Florence , Metropolitan Art Museum In New York, and the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, I certainly… read more.


THE ART  ZONE ..."when the flow of energy is a subconscious act directed by God"...the art zone       EW 3/15/13 ...My Art is an interesting journey...I used to get frustrated by it , but discovered that the frustration was a result of not relaxing and just  going deeper into… read more.


I am honored to be inducted into the Gridiron Greats Hall of Fame this weekend in Las Vegas.  The Gridiron Greats are a group that has been a major player helping retired NFL players in need over the years. I am donating a  large pen and ink of Howie Long that will be auctioned at a fund raiser… read more.

Art in the Garden

05/ 08/18 Oak Lake Art Center Today we had a great day of art with the after-school program at Julian Elementary.  We focused on things of beauty in their lives.. Lots of color and fun...they want me back next Wednesday. Still napping!… read more.

Spring on the Mountain and in the High Desert!

I have been spending my  time around the beautiful colors of the Spring Bloom on the mountain and in the desert.  The colors and sounds of all the plant material and wildlife give me so much energy to paint.  Expressing the sights and sounds as I process it all. I hope your Spring is as… read more.


The weather on the mountain has been off the hook. Alive with all the bees, birds , turkey, quail, deer, mountain lion, Lynx and a breeze with the sweet smell of flowers blooming. I am excited about my art and the interest it has stirred...it is keeping me very busy. Art is truly healing... I feel… read more.

On a Mission!

Life has been a full journey for me. From the absolute low of personnel loss... to the highest of peaks. After a 17 year NFL career, 4 years of college and 4 of high school I would have expected head injuries to take its toll. A week ago Friday I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's . I have spent… read more.

I have been consentrating on dateline all my work...hope you will enjoy.

I have always felt that Art is medicine....one week ago I was diagnosed with Alzhimers . I have been painting and drawing and staying in the meditative zone of art. God willing I will have many years of that left!… read more.

One more Floral Painting...

...after a hand full of pencil sketches I will finish my second floral painting...the first was 'Pretty Blue' , a beautiful cerelean blue vase contrasted against white Lilly's. They set on a old fashion doily...the piece is 14x11 Acrylic on Arches Paper...I love it! ...the second painting is 24x18… read more.