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One more Floral Painting...

...after a hand full of pencil sketches I will finish my second floral painting...the first was 'Pretty Blue' , a beautiful cerelean blue vase contrasted against white Lilly's. They set on a old fashion doily...the piece is 14x11 Acrylic on Arches Paper...I love it! ...the second painting is 24x18… read more.

Went for groceries... came home with flowers!

… read more.


I have recently been concentrating on compiling the portfolio of my work...it has been enlightening to see my progress as a painter and designer, as well as the raw beauty of earlier works and thoughts. Thank you all for being such fantastic supporters of my art. There is nothing that feels better… read more.

''Super Blue Moon' Eclipse

SUPER BLUE MOON Early in the morning of Wed, Jan 31, 2018, the second full moon of January will happen...it is called 'The Super Blue Blood Moon'...becomes a total eclipsed... As I get ready to look East on that morning and capture this event. I will prepare 3 - 12x9 papers to record my feelings...my… read more.

Moms Journey Beging

Mom passed a few weeks back...since I have been home I have been surrounded by wild life. Just before we got the news we had a Lynx cross our path as we walked down our driveway. The Deer have visited me every day. Today at least 6 and small babes. The owl talks to me daily and the black birds are… read more.

On The Road In Lincoln City Oregon

We are headed into the third week of our road trip.  I was totally captivated by the beauty of the Pacific North West.  Most of our time was spent along the shores of the Columbia River.  We soaked up the sounds of barges, tugs, wild life and trains... I managed to capture some interesting… read more.