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On The Road In Lincoln City Oregon

We are headed into the third week of our road trip.  I was totally captivated by the beauty of the Pacific North West.  Most of our time was spent along the shores of the Columbia River.  We soaked up the sounds of barges, tugs, wild life and trains... I managed to capture some interesting… read more.

Life along the Columbia River

This is our 5th night on the beautiful Columbia River.  It is such a pristine area that it is easy to visualize what Lewis and Clark must have seen years ago. We have stayed over a few days in Woodland Wa.  I looked out the back window of our RV and was inspired to do a small 5x7 .   The… read more.

HERE I COME!!! Abstract Ed

This is my first of hopefully many posts. My art is a diary of my life, which by all accounts has been very interesting...not without its many highs and lows. I appreciate your interest in my art and hope that you will stay tuned...the site is a work in progress. My new Foliotwist site will be devoted… read more.